- with the mountain world as a muse

Behind our design is an extensive research from our various trips to different mountain worlds. Nature is undoubtedly the greatest source of inspiration, and few things are more beautiful than what nature itself has created. The colors in our motifs are hand-picked from the mountains world we surround ourselves with and visit. The mountains are a never-ending source of inspiration, we are constantly captivated by its transformation as the seasons change and the light changes hour after hour. The mountain is always the same, but at the same time constantly changing.


– from the drawing board to the finished product

We have a great love for the physical craft. Therefore, our motifs always start as hand-drawn sketches and paintings, where the digital part is just the end station.

It starts with a few simple sketches by hand where we try to capture the motif’s unique character, really find what makes the place so special. It may grow slowly, nothing is stressed here.

The colors are determined by the seasons’ shifts and what we are inspired by right then. After many sketches, we paint the motif with acrylic or gouache paint to test the color scheme and composition. Here we also get a sense of which paper we should print the motif on to get the best results.

Then the motif leaves the physical drawing board, and is sketched digitally. The last details are entered here, such as the choice of font and format.



– it's in the details

We attach great importance and care to the added value that details provide. As a final touch, all our motifs are embossed by hand with our quality emblem. The motifs are then rolled into cream-colored tissue paper and wrapped in a matte black paper tube with a gold-foiled label to add an additional dimension of refinement. This also makes the motifs perfect to give as a gift to a mountain-loving friend.


– nothing is left to chance

If you scratch the surface to the world of paper, just a little, you will quickly notice that it is huge. Like our love of the mountains and design, we want to work with the manufacturers who love paper and look at their production on an equal footing with all other crafts of the highest quality.

For us, it is important that the paper becomes part of the motif, not just a blank canvas / insignificant background. We attach great importance to the feeling when you touch the paper, the color reproduction on the print and that it is a sustainable paper, both from a time and environmental perspective.


– the mountain world through our lens

All our photographs are taken by us around the mountain world we surround ourselves with, both around our studio in Tänndalen but also on our trips to other mountain worlds. Just as with our graphic motifs, we want to give the viewer a part of the mountain world’s sometimes calm scene, sometimes its moody winds that blow up storms or the details, colors and structures that create nature’s magnificent views.

All our photo prints are printed on a natural-colored 210 gram premium paper from one of the world’s leading paper manufacturers – Hahnemühle. The paper is archive-resistant, which means that the paper lasts up to 60 years, and is acid-free.