Tuolpagorni – Block

In our design series Block, we wanted to capture the mountains most distinctive elements. The expression is playful, but at the same time simple in its composition.

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Craftmanship & Quality

As with all our motifs, this motif also began to take its first form as a hand-drawn sketch. For the Block series, we then chose to paint the motif with gouache paint, a type of watercolor paint with higher color pigments. To find the right composition and feel, we divided the mountain into different blocks, which we then colored and put back together, a bit like a puzzle or collage. The name Block comes from this method, but also after the large boulders that the mountain consists of. The motif is then redrawn in the computer, here with extra care not to lose the craftsmanship.
Motivet är tryckt på ett naturfärgat 210 grams premiumpapper med vacker struktur från en av världens främsta papperstillverkare – Hahnemühle.